RE: Open the Book

In our worship assembly this morning, we heard a story about a man in the Old Testament named Abraham.  

God asked Abraham to move to a new land – Canaan. Canaan was a beautiful place, but there was one problem for Abraham and his family. Abraham and his wife Sarah didn’t have any children. 

God promised him that he would one day have as many members of his family as there were stars in the sky, or grains of sand on the beach. Abraham trusted in what God had him.  


Soon enough, God’s promise was fulfilled when a Issac was born. 

This story reminds us that God is someone we can all trust and that He wants to be our friend too. 

06.10.17: What are we learning next week?

In English, we will  complete and publish our piece of persuasive writing based around the question ‘Is it right to use the rainforest for its resources?’

Maths learning will focus upon the methods for addition and subtraction calculations.

Topic work this week will look at answering the question ‘Why is Brazil in the news again?’ which also links in to our previous  rainforest topic.

On Thursday this coming week, the 12th, the school photographer will be in school taking individual photographs.

RE: Harvest Service

Thank you to everyone who brought in items of food or gave monetary donations as part of our Harvest celebrations in church today.

All food donated will be going to local food banks to help those in our communities that need it, and any money will be sent to Christian Aid.

It was also lovely to be able to thank Rector John for all that he has done as he prepares to leave for his new parish in Crosby.