PE/SMSC: Gymnastic Superstar!

This evening, myself and Mrs Nylan were fortunate enough to be invited along to see Madison from Year 5 perform in her Christmas gymnastics show.


We were simply amazed by Madison’s superb routines as part of her group performances at Seagulls Gymnastic Club in Ashton. She astounded us with her skills throughout and she was an absolute delight to watch!

Madison performed brilliantly during the whole show and she should be so proud of all she has achieved in gymnastics – she certainly made her teachers very proud this evening!

Thanks too to the other members form our class who have been to support Madison – I’m sure you too were blown away by her performances!

Science: Chromatography

This afternoon, Year 5 completed a brilliant experiment in which they analysed the pen that was used to write the shopping list found at our crime scene.

Before the experiment, all we knew was that the pen, used to write the note, was black in colour. Miss Hillidge got some sample pens from our three suspects for us to test.

Miss Hillidge showed us a great technique called chromatography which helped separate the colour pigments used within the ink.

We could then see which pen exactly matched that found on the note at the crime scene.

It seemed that Justin Time’s pen was used to write the note!

01.12.17: What are we learning next week?

In English, we will be writing film reviews.

Maths will focus upon problem solving and reasoning skills.

Topic work will look at the RE unit of ‘Christmas’.

As it is coming up to Christmas, rehearsals for the KS2 Christmas performance are also well underway and will continue into next week.  Please do help your child to know the song lyrics – it would be much appreciated!

History: Henry’s Wives

Today we found out more about the wives of Henry VIII.

A group thought about Henry’s Wife, Anne of Cleves, and how Henry had only seen a portrait of her when he asked her to marry him. We wrote letters, as Henry, to Anne trying to persuade her to come to England and marry him.

I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re very believable and engaging to read!

It’s just a shame that the marriage only lasted 6 months!

RE: Eucharist at Church

This morning, Year 5 and Year 6 visited Golborne St Thomas Church to take part in the Eucharist service.

We were reminded about the important season of Advent and how at this time of year, we are thinking about the wonderful events that happened that first Christmas.

It was great to meet Rector Jonathan and to take part in the service with him.

RE: Open the Book

This morning, we welcomed Hope Church into our whole-school worship.

The story from Open The Book today was all about the story of Moses.

After hearing how God had rescued them from the hands of the Egyptians last week, we heard about how the Israelites wandered in the wilderness.

They moaned, they complained and they were not very happy! Moses prayed to God apologising for the Israelites behaviour and once again for His help.

God even made water flow from a rock for them to drink, as well as providing quail and manna for them to eat!

The Israelites still weren’t happy though! Moses needed to remind them of God’s promises to them.

He showed His people through the wilderness and told Moses to go to the top of Mount Sinai. There He gave Moses 10 important rules to show His people how they should live their lives. God also gave Moses plans for how a build the tabernacle, a place where His people could worship Him. Wow!

Still His people were not happy- they still even worshiped another God!

In this story today, there was a lot of moaning despite God providing for their needs.

We were encouraged to think about the good things that God gives us and how we have so much to be thankful for. A great reminder!

24.11.17: What are we learning next week?

Next week is our whole-school ‘Assessment Week’, so the children will be completing assessments in the following subjects:

  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG).
  • Reading
  • Maths Reasoning
  • Maths Arithmetic

Our topic lessons will continue to look at answering the question, ‘Why should Henry VIII be remembered?’

On Wednesday morning, Year 5 will be going to church to participate in the Eucharist service, along with Year 6.