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02.02.18: What are we learning next week?

In English, we will be looking at a new genre – speech writing.

Maths will be looking at the addition, conversion and multiplication of fractions.

Topic work will continue to look at our RE unit ‘Jesus the Teacher’.  In this topic, the children will be reading some of the parables of Jesus and thinking about the meaning of them.

Also, Year 5 are busy rehearsing for their class assembly which will be held this coming Thursday (8th) at 9am.  It would be lovely if you could join us!  Please enter school via the main office entrance.

RE: Open the Book

In today’s worship time with Hope Church, we heard all about a story where Jesus visited someone’s home.

It seemed that too many people were in that house though to see Jesus – they all wanted to see Jesus for themselves!

As they waited, they then suddenly realised that someone was trying to get in through the roof! Everyone couldn’t believe it!

Amazingly, a sick and lame man was then being lowered through the roof right before Jesus. The crowd were astonished at what was going on.

Jesus then laid his hands upon the man and forgave his sins: he had the power to do this as he was the only Son of God. Thanks to Jesus, the man was not only forgiven but completely healed too.

What an amazing story!

Science: Seed Dispersal

With Miss Hillidge this afternoon, we thought all about the process about seed dispersal.

Dispersal could happen by:

⁃ Animals (such as birds) as they might pick them and move them, or they could eat the fruit that contain the seeds.

⁃ Seeds could be carried by the wind.

⁃ Some seeds have a sticky surface that gets ‘stuck’ on moving animals.

⁃ Some seeds are dispersed via a mini-explosion that spreads the seeds far and wide.

⁃ Coconuts move their seeds using water.

First, we conducted a fair test based on the model of a spinning Jenny seed.

We made it a fair test by keeping the height we dropped the helicopter from and the size/material of the helicopter model the same.

We changed the length of the helicopter wings, making them shorter each time.

After completing the experiment, we realised the longer the wings, the longer it took in time to drop to the floor. This is really useful for some plants as it means that their seeds can be carried further by the wind.

Some of us then worked out an average time for each of our experiments.

SMSC: Assembly Award Winners

Well done to our award winners in assembly this morning.

Also a huge well done and congratulations to the Year Five children who represented our school at the Highland Games at Leigh Sports Village last week, where they came first! Their trophy arrived yesterday and they were given a celebratory parade by the whole school and today in assembly each child received a gold medal. We are all very proud of you!

26.01.17: What are we learning next week?

In English, we will be completing a recount based upon a short video of a very mischievous cat.

Maths will continue to look at fractions.

In our topic lessons, we will be starting the RE unit of ‘Jesus the Teacher’.

Also, the children will be given their scripts for our class assembly which is to be held at 9am on Thursday 9th February. Please help your child to learn their words and book the date in your diaries as we’d love to see you there!