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15.12.17: What are we learning next week?

Next week, we shall be continuing our STEM challenges as well as making Christmas cards.

On Monday morning, those children who have received a Privilege certificate this term will be having their treat. There will also be the children’s Christmas dinner on Monday too.

On Tuesday, there will be a whole-school worship service in church at 9 am as we end the Autumn Term. You are more than welcome to come along to celebrate Christmas with us.

STEM: Present Drop Challenge

Year 5 were presented with this STEM challenge…

It was great to see the designs that the children came up with this afternoon.

The children produced some amazing designs and I’m pleased to report that all of the presents remained intact after their drop!

Santa I’m sure will be pleased with the designs we send to him!

Maths: 12 Days of Christmas

Year 5 had a very puzzling maths problem awaiting them in their morning challenge all to do with the ’12 Days of Christmas’ song.

We certainly found it a challenge to work out how many of each gift the true love received!

Can you work out the correct answer? Only Suranne in Year 5 was able to work out the individual answers and then find the overall total of presents given correctly! Well done Suranne!

Maths: Reasoning

Today in maths we put our reasoning skills to the test. We worked in pairs and each had to join two dots at a time to make as many squares as we could. The person with the most squares at the end was the winner

Mrs Nylan and Isaac played a very close and tactical game. Unfortunately for Mrs Nylan, Isaac completed a 10-7 victory. Well done Isaac!

08.12.17: What are we learning next week?

It seems that the Autumn Term is rushing by and in Year 5, we are now fully into ‘Christmas mode’!

Next week, we will be completing our RE unit on ‘Christmas – Matthew and Luke’.

We will also be doing many STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) based activities as part of our whole-school STEM Week.

To finish, here are a few dates for your diary for next week:

Monday  – Dress rehearsal in church, at 1.15pm, which you are welcome to attend.

Tuesday – KS2 performance at 6pm.

Friday – Party Day/Christmas Jumper Day – the KS2 party will be held in the afternoon.

Eco Team: No Energy Day!

Our school is currently taking part in ‘Switch Off Fortnight’.

We are trying to minimise the amount of energy that we use, as well as recycle as much as we can.

Our Eco Team challenged us today as we held a whole-school ‘No Energy Day’. We ensured that our laptops and iPads were switched off, the TV screen was on for much shorter periods of time and that our classroom lights were off when they were not needed.

As you can see from the photograph, Year 5 enjoyed the added challenge in their English lesson today as we turned off our classroom lights. Writing in the semi-dark was great!