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Homework: Super Work!

The birds around Golborne are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a garden to visit this spring.

Madison and Lily have completed these projects as part of their homework for this half term.

I’m sure you’d agree, their feeders and bird box look brilliant!

Science: Seeds and Microscopes

Continuing with our Science unit on ‘Do all animals and plants start life as an egg?’ we thought about the life cycle of a plant.

We began a scientific experiment by planting some cress seeds.

Miss Hillidge spoke to us about how it was important to think about making any experiment we do a fair test.

In our experiment, we will be investigating what conditions cress seeds need to grow.

To make it a fair test, our control variables need to be:

⁃ The same amount of cotton wool.

⁃ Same amount of water used.

⁃ Same amount of cress seeds (approximately 20).

Our independent variables will be:

⁃ Water

⁃ Sunlight.

Dependent variable:

⁃ The amount of growth.

The dependent variable will tell me the best conditions to grow cress seeds.

Then we used the microscopes to look at pollen seeds which we found fascinating!

Miss Hillidge then asked us to look at one of our hairs under the microscope lens. It was brilliant!

Homework: A Brilliant Bird Box!

It was a great surprise this morning to see the amazing homework that Liberty (and her Dad) completed over the weekend.

I’m sure that any bird would be lucky to built their nest in such an attractive and well-built bird box! Let’s hope this happens in the next few weeks when it’s placed in Liberty’s garden.

12.01.17: What are we learning next week?

In our English lessons, we will continue to look at the genre of recounts, but with a new stimulus for our writing – a film about a very strange land and a clock tower!

Maths will look at the skill of estimation, as well as work on fractions.

Topic work will focus upon a new science unit ‘How different will you be when you are as old as your grandparents?’

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 5 will be having  a lesson with Mr Falconer from Golborne High School, which I know they will enjoy.

Some children have been chosen to attend ‘The Highland Games’ event on Thursday afternoon. If your child has received a letter regarding this, please do return the permission slip asap.

Homework: A Spring Walk

It was lovely to see Scarlet’s homework book this week! She completed the task of going on a spring walk in the local area to see what signs of new life she could find. She found many sprouting trees and even some snowdrops emerging!

Your walk looked fabulous Scarlet!

Science: Life Cycles

It was great to go to Golborne High School this afternoon for our science lesson with Miss Hillidge.

Today we started our new topic looking at the question ‘Do all animals and plants start life as an egg?’

We thought about the human life cycle, as well as looking at a model showing the development of a human foetus. We also watched a video showing the development of an elephant within the womb which was fascinating! Did you know that he gestational period for an elephant is 2 years?

English: Shoe Inspiration!

For our English lessons today, Mrs Pringle strangely asked us to bring in a pair of shoes to help us with our writing…

It turns out that we will be writing a recount from our shoe’s perspective this week.

After planning our ‘shoe’s day’ today, we can’t wait to start writing as our shoes tomorrow!

Look on the blog for our published writing soon…