Geography: How can you help save the rainforest?

In our topic lessons, we have been thinking about why the rainforests are in the news and what we can do to help save them.

We have been learning about how the world rainforests are being cut down (deforestation) so that palm trees can be planted to produce the much-needed palm oil.

In response, we thought we could use our blog to help raise awareness of this and how we can help save our rainforests by only buying products that either do not contain palm oil or those which contain it but when it is sustainably produced.

Could you join us as we help to save the rainforests?

14 thoughts on “Geography: How can you help save the rainforest?

  1. Do you want to help the rain forest? Rain forests are in a lot of danger by people cutting down and burning trees. Help us by not buying things that have palm oil in them like chocolate. If you stop using palm oil, the rain forest might not be in danger anymore.

  2. Do you want to save the rainforest? The Rainforest covers a lot of the world we are in, but they are in a lot of danger because of deforestation.

  3. Dear Readers,
    In year 5, we are learning about the rainforest. Before this lesson I thought that the rainforest was a humble place for the animals to live , a place that was unharmed and peaceful, but I was wrong. I am telling you this information, because the rainforest is a beautiful place full of wild creatures that have been and are about to be thrown out of their homes.
    Many parts of the rainforest are now being bought by many different people that want the same thing and they are willing to burn down animals habitats for money and palm oil.
    Palm oil is a liquid that comes from palm trees and is used in many products. The owners of the land grow palm trees that produce the palm oil, they then sell the palm oil to different companies that will use the oil in their products.
    As long as you buy the products that contain palm oil, the rainforest will be in danger. Instead, buy the resources that use sustainable palm oil, to save our rainforests!

  4. Dear Readers,
    In year 5, we are learning about rainforests. We are also trying to save the animals and plants that are living in the rainforests .Do you want to help them too? If you really want to save the rainforest you need to think about what you are buying because some products contain palm oil. Palm oil is a kind of oil that comes from palm trees and people are cutting down our rainforests and then planting palm trees to get more palm oil for products and people (like you) buy them. You may think it isn’t that bad but really it is because they are not caring for the animals and plants that live there. So if you buy these products they will need more and more palm oil that will damage the animals habitats in our rainforests forever!

  5. Do you want to help the rainforest?
    Rainforest palm trees make oil for food and supplies such as chocolate, oreos , flora butter, mcCoy crisps, dove shampoo, Richmond sausages and pot noodles. By using these products you are helping to destroy the rainforest! Help the rainforest animals from becoming endangered, by stopping trees being cut down and reduce your use of palm oil. The animals need the oxygen the trees give to survive in the rainforest. Please help them.

  6. How can you help? Join us and use sustainable products! Contact companies to help save the rainforest, because trees are being cut and burnt down.The rainforests are losing animals and trees. Please only buy products that don’t have palm oil in them to save the rainforest. Please help us save the rainforest! This is SO important because we are losing trees because all of people buying Dove soap, pot noodles, Skittles , toothpaste , Kitkats, Oreos and Malteasers as they all have palm oil in them. So help save the rainforest.

  7. Do you want to save the rain forest?
    Help the rain forest by not using palm oil. Palm oil is made by cutting down a lot of trees and then in the trees
    there are a lot of animals habitats. Save our rain forests now.

  8. Rainforests are in danger because people want palm oil. The way to get it is by first cutting down an area of rainforest. Then they plant palm trees. Once they’ve grown they cut down palm trees get the palm berries. They then take them to the factory and squish them to get the palm oil. Palm oil is used in many products such as tooth paste, biscuits, crisps and cake.

  9. The rainforest is in danger and we need more help than ever. You could help save the rainforest by sorting out your mistakes. Don’t buy things that contain palm oil as it could be from the rainforest. Buy sustainable palm oil objects from the shops like Nutella, McCoys crisps, shampoos and many chocolates and biscuits! So are you going to help out? Help us to save the rainforest – now!

  10. Do you want to help the rain forest?
    You can help the rain forest by not making people cut down a lot of trees because of you using palm oil products. They cut down trees to plant palm trees so we can use it in products like crisps, biscuits and cakes. There are a lot of animals what live in the trees that will end up dying if we destroy their habitat. Please help us save animals in danger.
    You can help the rainforest by not throwing litter on the forest floor. Thank you!

  11. Do you want to help save the rainforest? Did you know that the rainforest is in danger?

    Don’t use products such as : mascara , dove products , after shave , foundation , washing up liquid , lipstick , surf and ketchup

    Don’t buy foods such as : pop tarts , Ben and jerry ice cream , popcorn , pancakes , Oreos , Pringles , areo , Fanta , Coca Cola and kit Kat.
    Contact companies . Buy products that are sustainable . Help the rainforest today! They need our help!

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