Monthly Archives: March 2017

RE: Open the Book

Open the Book delivered a very powerful story for us today – the events that happened on Good Friday. 


The prayer today was particularly meaningful…

Dear God

Thank you for Easter and for all that it means to us. 

Thank you for sending your son to die on the cross for our sins. 

We can never thank you enough. 



PE: School of Military

It was our last week with Sam from the School of Military today. 


We had great fun playing games outside together. 



Today we also rehearsed for our ‘Passing Out Parade’ after completing our course with the School of Military. 

It is to be held on Wednesday 19th April at 9.15am and we would love to invite you along to it. Letters about it should be going out tomorrow. 


RE: Worship with Rector John

Rector John was welcomed into our school assembly today. 


We loved hearing the story of Solomon, the slug who lives in the church yard, and his friend Len.  We we were reminded of the importance of friendship and how Jesus calls us to love and be friends with each other. 

RE: Experience Easter

Today, Year 5 visited Golborne St Thomas Church to ‘Experience Easter’.         We were told the details of the Easter story and got to experience the elements from the story for ourselves – it was great!    Thanks to everyone at the church who made the experience such a wonderful one. 

RE: Open the Book

The story from ‘Open the Book’ today was such an amazing one. 

In it, we heard the story of Jesus having the last Passover meal with his disciples. This happened just before he was crucified for the sins of the world, including ours. 

Thank you God for sending your son Jesus!