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Philosophy: Does all learning have to take place in a classroom?

In our philosophy lesson today, this statement by Michael Morpurgo was our stimulus for discussion.

As a class, we decided to answer the following question…

‘Does all learning have to take place in a classroom?’

Here are some of our responses….

Animals can help us to learn new things by observing their behaviour, for example we can discover about metamorphosis from a butterfly.

Some people might not even learn in a classroom, such as those who are home-schooled.

In other countries, some children don’t have a classroom to learn in so they learn from other members of their family.

You can learn from other people’s life experiences.

Anybody can be a teacher to us.

Qualifications don’t make someone a teacher.

If we observe things around us, we can learn from what we see and do.

You don’t always need a teacher with you to learn new things.

We can also learn by ourselves from the mistakes we make.

27.01.17: What are we learning next week?

In English, we will be continuing to look at ‘Writing to Inform’ and writing our next recount piece of work.

Maths will look at the written methods for division and also problem solving calculations using the four operations.

In topic lessons, our RE lessons will focus on the unit of ‘Jesus the Teacher’. Steven will be in school Thursday too to lead our KS2 Worship assembly.

Also, on Thursday, Sam (from the School of Military) will be joining us again.

PE: School of Military

The lesson today with Sam from ‘The School of Military’ was all about camouflage and concealment.

We thought about what made it easier to see an object: size, shape, shine, colour and movement.

We were given the challenge of moving across the field as inconspicuously as we could, thinking about our shape, size and movement. Zane was a superstar at the low crawl – I’ve never seen someone move so quickly across the field whilst face down!

To be honest, this was a struggle for some of us – we did try our hardest though! Saying that, some of us simply couldn’t move for laughing!

The sniper low crawl was particularly tricky… and tiring!

At the end of the lesson, we played a game of ‘Hide and Seek’ against Sam.  Some of us found some very imaginative places to hide! Oscar is under there… somewhere!

We’ve had another great afternoon thanks to Sam – we are learning so much and can’t wait for next week!

20.01.17: What are we learning next week?

In English, we will be continuing to look at ‘Writing to Inform’ and writing recounts. We are aiming to finish our ‘Shoe’ recount writing, before we begin to look at the next recount piece.

Maths will focus on the written methods for division.

In Art, we will continue to look at answering the following learning question ‘Has thou slain the Jabberwock?’ by painting and adding the decoration to our clay models.

Sam from the School of Military will be joining us again this Thursday. Please remember to bring in suitable clothes for outside – they may get muddy (or wet).

Art: Creating a Jabberwock!

Our current topic is an art one titled ‘Has thou slain the Jabberwock?’  

After reading the poem by Lewis Carroll, we all designed what we thought the Jabberwock could look like. 

This afternoon, we started to bring our designs to life using clay to create 3D Jabberwocks! Using clay was so much fun!