Monthly Archives: December 2016

SMSC: Certificate Winners

A big congratulations to our many certificate winners today. 

Especially well done to those below who have 100% attendance and punctuality for the Autumn term – what an achievement!

We also had more children achieve their bronze reading certificate for 50 home reads as well as our first silver awards for an impressive 100 home reads! Well done children!

STEM: Super STEM Afternoon with Miss Hillidge

What a wonderful afternoon we’re having today as part of our STEM Week!

Miss Hillidge joined Year 5 and brought along some amazing STEM activities with her for us to complete. 

One involved making an electronic Christmas themed buzzer game…

Another helped us to understand the process of digestion and just what happens to our Christmas dinner once we’ve eaten it… 

Another involved creating a Christmas tree using 30 sweets and 25 cocktail sticks… 

Miss Hillidge even had us creating exploding baubles using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar!

I think it’s official – Year 5 just love STEM! 

16.12.2016: What are we learning next week?

Goodness me – where has this term gone? Next week will be our final week of the Autumn Term and even thought it’s the last one, it still looks to be a busy!

Next week is ‘STEM Week’ in school and all classes, including Year 5, will be taking part in many different activities based on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).  

We will also be performing our KS2 performance on in school on Monday at 6pm and then in Church at 9.30am on Wednesday (tickets are not required for the Church performance). We can’t wait to share this celebration with you. 

Our last day, Friday 23rd, is ‘Toy Day’. Please don’t bring in any electronical or expensive toys into school though please. I’m hoping to see some good board games as they’re my favourite!

One more week Year 5 before Christmas – let’s make it a fun one!