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25.11.2016: What are we learning next week?

In English, we will be continuing to look at descriptive writing and also writing film reviews. After the wonderful efforts by the children with their ‘Smartie Writing’ this week, I can’t wait to see what they astound me with next! 

In maths, work will focus on measures such as length, mass and capacity.

In science will continue to look at answering the following learning question with Miss Hillidge ‘Could you be the next CSI investigator?’ with Miss Hillidge. 

Even though it’s still November, Year 5 have begun their Christmas rehearsals for the KS2 performance! Our class song is ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. Please do help your child to learn the words to this (and the other songs) as they should have a song sheet in their planners. 

Science: Life Cycles

As part of our science topic, we looked at trying to answer the learning challenge question ‘Can you create a poster to show the life cycle of an animal?’

We used iPads to research the life cycle of our chosen animal and produced a poster of our findings.  After that, we presented our information in our groups to share our work with the rest of the class.

Morning Challenge: Homework debate!

Each morning, we complete a ‘Morning Challenge’ in class which can be either English or Maths based.

Today’s question raised a lot of interest…


Joshua and Elliott took part in our class discussing on this question to discuss both sides of the argument.

Here are the comments that they came up with…

Joshua  – Against

  1.  Children should be able to enjoy themselves over the weekend.
  2. Most children don’t complete their homework to their best standard anyway.
  3. Parents always help their children to compete their homework.

Elliott then provided the counterargument…

Elliott – For

  1. Homework helps us to learn more.
  2. If we didn’t have homework, we wouldn’t be as clever as we are now.
  3. Homework lets us study.


I wonder who you agree with and why?

Science: Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Year 5 experienced yet another fun lesson today thanks to Miss Hillidge.  We looked at changes and thought about whether they were reversible (as in capable of being reversed so that the previous state is restored) or irreversible (not able to be undone/altered).

I wonder if you can tell from the photographs which mini-experiments we completed?

Year 5 – can you name any examples of irreversible and reversible changes? 1 dojo for each one listed in the comments below….

Science: Life Cycles & Food Chains

Some of our science lessons are currently focussing on the learning question ‘Do all animals and plants start life as an egg?’

We’ve so far looked at food chains and the life cycles of butterflies and frogs. 

Here we are creating food chains of our own, remembering to start them with a producer (green plant) and then finding the consumers, prey and finally the predator. 

I’ve been really impressed with how enthusiastic the children have responded to this topic – they are all working so hard and learning even more. Keep it up Year 5! 

Science: CSI Chromatography and Fingerprinting

Our role as CSI investigators continued this afternoon with another fabulous and exciting lesson by Miss Hillidge.

Following the disappearance of a tub of sweets last week, we tested three pen ink samples from the three possible suspects to see if any of the ink matched that which the note (which was found at the crime scene) was written with.

We used chromatography to help us analyse the ink samples – look at the photos below to see us in action!

After analysing the ink, it seemed that Suspect A’s pen ink looked almost identical to that found at the crime scene…

We quickly realised that this evidence was not enough to confirm the suspect as their pen could have in fact been used by anyone!

So, we decided to follow the next step in our investigation and try to link our suspects by their fingerprints.

Before asking the suspects, we thought we’d have a try and taking our own fingerprints…