Monthly Archives: June 2015

Perfect Presentations

Some brave year 5’s did their presentations today. 

They have all chosen something they have achieved to talk about for 5 minutes. Not only that, but they have thought about demonstrations and visual aids.



Musical Treat!

Wigan Music Service came into school to show us a range of unusual instruments. Some were from the Tudor period, and some were from even further back than that.

They explained to us how many different instruments are available for children to learn. The instruments are free to hire, and lessons are much cheaper because of a special offer for our children!  



Today, Year 5 enjoyed enjoyed taking part in a rugby taster session. The children learnt some rugby skills and played lots fun games in the sunshine.

Road Safety

Year 5 had a visit from the Road Safety Team, who came to make the children aware of the possible dangers they could face as a pedestrian. 

They also found out how tall they would have to be to be allowed to sit in the front seat (135cm!) 

The who wants to be a millionaire game they played helped to make all the facts really fun to learn. We even had some fantastic explanations of why the passenger should always get out of the car on the pavement side.