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Wow! Go Sam!

Sam managed to blow me away with a sentence he wrote in his Sci-Fi story.

Here is is:

Suspicion thrived, tingling my vains, a debate on wether I was truly overwhelmed with the scenery, or deeply distraught by my encounter with the daunting living organisms of this planet.


Year 5 crash landed on Pandora!

Year 5 woke up on a strange planet. A planet where everything glows with bio-luminescent light, where creatures are awe inspiring and dangerous, where all life is connected by the tree of souls: this is Pandora.


Tracking through the colossal rainforest, they came across fierce creatures; rivers that glowed; with an environment as amazing as this, it was hard to think about home.



Exploring the planet, they came across an alien creature.


Excited, apprehensive, full of wonder, the alien creature told them of an abandoned pod.




Once inside, year 5 discovered that a fire had wiped out the electrics. As black as night, they could not see a thing without a torch to guide them.

Would they get back home?
Come back soon to see!

Jacey’s Fabulous Sci-Fi Opening

What a hard worker Jacey is! She has carefully considered everything we have talked about in lessons to write this amazing opening to her Science Fiction story.

See if you can spot:
– a direct address to the reader
– a 2 pairs sentence
– an imagine 3 examples sentence
– a metaphor
– effective short sentences
– ambitious vocabulary

We can’t wait to read the rest!