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Final play leader week – practical

Today the year 5s worked with the reception children, leading the children in their activities that the year 5s had created themselves. The session was an overwhelming success and everybody seemed to have a great time working together. Here are a few pictures from the day taken by Caitlin … 











Trip to Liverpool World Museum

On Thursday 12th March, Year 5 went to Liverpool Museum to look particularly at the Ancient Egyptian exhibits. The children had a wonderful time and took literally thousands of photos! The children were superbly behaved and were once again a credit to you and the school!

When we got back to school I asked the children to create a pic collage of their favourite photo graphs and share some of the facts they had learned from the experience. Here are a few of their examples…

Play leader training

Mr Taylor, from Golborne High School, came into school to continue the Play Leader training with the Year 5s. It was a truly beautiful day and the session began by allowing the children to enjoy some ‘free play’ on the school equipment.

Mr Taylor then asked the children what they enjoyed.

They replied that they enjoyed climbing, swinging, jumping and running. Mr Taylor went on to explain that this is because the children were all old enough and big enough to enjoy the equipment and without any physical challenges. He then provided the children with blindfolds and wristlets and asked the children to use the equipment again.

This time the children were much less confident and not so eager to run around as before. Mr Taylor explained that an important attribute of a good play leader is to show empathy – to think about how a younger child or a child with a physical challenge might cope with an activity and what we can do to help them access the activities we plan.

We then observed the reception children playing and saw the types of games they enjoyed playing and the issues we would have to consider when planning activities for them.

We completed the days training by using these observations to help plan some different activities for the reception children to take part in next week.

World Book Day 2015

Year 5 were very lucky to be visited by  Lou Kuenzler author of the Shrinking Violet stories. 


She talked about how to make our writing really exciting and even read part of her story Shrinking Violet to us! 

Violet was really excited to be big enough to ride on the roller coaster called ‘The Plunger’ until a very unexpected event happens in the queue…

…Violet shrank to the size of a fish finger. 

Modern day hieroglyphics?

In year 5 this term we are starting to learn about they Ancient Egyptians. We has started to discover that they used to communicate using Hieroglyphics – a series of complicated pictures that would allow them to share messages. Mr Bailey has challenged us to decipher his own picture messages made using emoji icons – modern day hieroglyphics?

Here’s a chorus from a famous song – can you figure it out? Why not make some of your own too?