Play leader Training

Mr Taylor ,from Golborne High School, is visiting Year 5 every Wednesday for the next few weeks to train the children to be fantastic play leaders for the school.

The class discussed some of the games they already played at School and then looked at some of the rules we could follow to get games going in the playground.

We spoke about Jenny Meadows, an 800m runner who has demonstrated awesome determination to comeback from a horrible injury that cost her not only a place in Team GB at the Oympics but also the captaincy! In the last 2 weeks in Birmingham, she has set the years record for the 800m – what an inspiration!

We then went outside and played games and looked to improve them and also how to involve others in them. 

When we got back to class we applied what we had learned by creating our own games for KS1 that could involve everybody!! 

Rebecca and Ella both said “It was really horrible when we first played cricket because there was lots of standing around and I wasn’t sure of the rules! It made me think about creating games that everyone can enjoy together” 

Dylan, Josh and Adam said ” It was good to see how to include the joining in rules in your games because at first it wasn’t much fun and then at the end it was. I really like the rule – There is always room for one more!”

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