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Sports Relief

Year 5 were brilliant on their bikes today.
They had to listen very carefully to instructions to make sure they were safe, they had to concentrate to make sure they were accurately riding around the assault course, and they had to ride very slowly to win the slow race!

It has been brilliant to see the bike shelter full!








Inspired Art!

Today, year 5 spent the afternoon at Golborne High School doing art.
They thought about the Ancient Egyptians, and the armour they would have worn. The children impressed the art teacher with the things they know already!

Have a look at the pictures, as you can see the children were very sensible and looked completely at home in the high school setting.






Persuasive Homework Blogging!

Year 5,

I set you a challenge! As you have been learning about persuasive language, and are keen to start blogging yourselves, I want you to complete your homework online.

Decide if you agree with homework online, or if you are against and prefer homework to continue in your books.

Reply to this post below to submit your views for me to consider.

    To be successful you must use:

A powerful opening sentence that tells me your view
Details to explain and support what you think
An if, if, if, then sentence
A conclusion that sums up the main points you have made.

Will homework continue in books, or will year 5 boldly go where no class has gone before? You decide…

From Miss Parkinson


Year5 are learning about Ancient Egypt this term. They worked very well in teams to find out where in the world Egypt is.

Year 5 split into two teams, took atlases, chalk, paper, pens and mats onto the playground, and created their own maps.
They showed:
The countries around Egypt
The seas surrounding Egypt
The continents of Africa and Asia

As you can see, these maps were very impressive, with the outline of the countries accurately drawn in chalk.