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Mythical Creatures

Cold-blooded, Smaug screeches for indignant revenge, he rises up from his underground dark, desolate dungeon of doom to kill those who are near as well as sucking the souls out of those who are nearer. Wretched, he cooks up an urgent revenge recipe. The sigh of him is bloodcurdling, spine-chilling, hair-raising, sinister is he. He has the head of an abominable dragon, claws of daggers and a titanium wall. He has the body of a hissing hiena. Meanwhile he has two ghostly, shimmering eyes, while one is catching sight with its golden eyeball with a steaming, red pupil, and the other is a diamond, glimmering vastly. Some try to steal them but re-think. His wings are wings of golden eagles, teeth of wolves, tongue and tail of hissing snakes, following with ears of an Alsatian, legs of scaly lizards and lastly horns of spikes.

By Mia

Successful Smoothies!

Well done to all of Year 5!


The smoothie stall the children worked so hard to plan and put together was a huge success. Year 5 did all the hard work, preparing the fruit and ensuring the very long queue was served swiftly.
As you can see, customers enjoyed the colourful cups of delicious fruitiness, whilst relaxing in the school hall.


Don’t forget, if you were there, leave Year 5 a comment. You can also write a comment in the school foyer. The children love reading your thoughts on their hard work.

The Battle of Marathon

In 490BC, two armies faced each other across the plain of Marathon. On one side, 9,000 Athenians, supported by 1,000 men from Plataia. On the other, 18,000 Persian Warriors!

The fierce Persian army had come to conquer Athens. They had already defeated several other Greek cities.

Already outnumbered, the Greeks had another problem! The Persians had many thousands of Archers, the Greeks – none.

The sky was filled with a black cloud of arrows raining death, as the Persians fired.


The Greeks shield themselves from the attack.


Hastily, the Greeks came up with a cunning plan, they arranged themselves in a long line with groups of warriors grouped together on the wings.


The Persians March forward.


They charge!


The Persians broke through the Greeks’ formation. Then, the Greek soldiers at the wings swept around and attacked!


After many of the Persian soldiers fell, the remaining survivors retreated to their ships. A victory for Greece.
A messenger ran 32 kilometres to Athens to report the news of the momentous victory. Sadly, he was so tired after delivering the news that he collapsed and died.
Today, we still remember the messenger each year when people run a marathon.

Year 5 Groovy Smoothies!

On Tuesday Year 5 were inspired by the Smoothie Bike that was in our school hall. We all had a go, peddling as fast as we could to get the blender spinning.
We learned what to put in smoothies, and the importance of exercise in a healthy lifestyle.





Once back in class, we all decided to set up our own smoothie stall.
We are busy making posters, leaflets and decorations. Tasting smoothies and pricing up the cost of fruit will help us to sell the best smoothies, raising the most money for our school.

So come on down to the school hall on Friday 24th January, 3pm to have a taste of the tempting, tantalising, tropical treats.

See you soon
By Bradley, Ethan and Ben