Low Bank Ground: Day 3

Here we are – all ready for our gill scramble!

It’s been great walking through the Lake District countryside. 

Here are one group on their way to the caves at Little Langdale Quarries. 

The caves were spectacular! 

Another group did a self-led walk near to Low Bank Ground. It involved a little boat ride at first which we all really enjoyed!


Maths: Problem Solving

Today we played a strategy game of ‘Frogs’ we had to work as a team to swap the lily pads the brown and green frogs were sat on. The challenge was to complete the task in the fewest number of moves. Once we were sure we had complete 3 of each frog in the fewest number of moves we then kept adding extra frogs and repeating the challenge. We then looked to see if we could see a pattern between the number of frogs and the number of moves taken.  


Maths: Reasoning

This week in maths we are working on our reasoning and problem solving skills. Today we played a game of Teacups where we had to arrange different coloured cups and saucers into a grid so that there was no cup or saucer of the same colour in the same row or column. Once we solved it we tried to see if we could do it a different way.