17.11.17: What are we learning next week?

In English, we shall continue to write our biography based on the life of Henry VIII. After that, we will be completing a biography about one of Henry’s wives.

Maths will focus upon multiples and factors.

Topic lessons will have a history focus and will try to answer the question ‘Why should Henry VIII be remembered?’

Excitedly, Tuesday is also our Year 5 visit to Speke Hall in connection with our Tudor topic. Please ensure that your child brings a coat, as well as a packed lunch. Those on FSM, will have a lunch provided. Do check on the BLOG – there’s sure to be plenty photos from our trip!

SMSC: Anti-Bullying Week

This afternoon, Year 5 continued their work looking at friendship as part of our whole school Anti-Bullying Week.

First, we completed a game of charades, in which we had to show certain qualities such as loyalty, trust, ignorance, helpfulness and spreading rumours.

As a class, we decided which of these qualities were the ones we look for in a friend. After a class discussion, we added our own ideas to the list.

Some children wrote their own recipes for ‘How to make a good friend’. We hope you like reading them as much as we had writing them!

Homework: Terrific Tudor Tasks!

I’ve been amazed by the high standard of homework brought in by Year 5 so far this half term.

Cameron has made a fantastic 3D model of a Tudor house which is absolutely amazing!

Liberty has also been busy baking one of the Tudor recipes this week. She even brought some of her honey and cinnamon tart into school so we all could try it – thanks Liberty!

Primary Liaison: Golborne High School Visit

This afternoon, we were visited by Mr Falconer from Golborne High School who spoke to us about just how important our feeling are.

This lesson connected well to what we have been discussing as part of our Anti-Bullying Week.

We thought about how it can be very difficult to understand which feelings we are experiencing, as well as being able to read what others are feeling too!

SMSC: Anti-Bullying Week

As part of our Anti-Bullying Week, we looked at which qualities we thought made someone a good listener.

In pairs, we played some ‘Talk and Listen’ games where we had to either talk or listen to our partner for one minute. As a class, we certainly found it easier to talk than listen! It was all good fun though and made us realise the actions that a good listener needs to complete.

Let’s hope that Year 5 show these qualities from now on…

RE: Open the Book

We welcomed ‘Open the Book’ into our Tuesday worship assembly this morning. As always, it was lovely to see them! In the story today, we heard about a special basket which held a very special baby.

The baby we heard about was an Israelite, who had been put there in the water due to the King’s threats.

Thankfully, the baby, we now know to be named Moses, was spotted and rescued from the water reeds by someone… a Princess! Moses was then to be looked after in the palace, and in an even stranger twist, Moses’ own mother was to be the one to look after him!

God certainly had such a great plan for Moses!

Little did that little baby know just how God would use him to rescue his own people, the Israelites, in years to come!

We thank God that He has a special plan for everyone, including us! How amazing us that!?

Science: Testing Materials

This afternoon we went up to Golborne High School to have a science lesson with Miss Hillidge.

Following on with our CSI unit, we tested some of the white powder that was found at the crime scene. We used a bunsen flame to test the combustion colour of the different samples.

We had samples A, B and C which we needed to test so we could match it to that found at the crime scene.

After testing the three materials, we discovered that Sample A matched that found – Miss Kryss Kross is looking very likely as our prime suspect!

Miss Hillidge also showed us three other metals (iron, copper and magnesium) that are used in fireworks – we looked at how they produced a colour when put within the flames.